Collection > Bottle-top Bingo

Collect plastic bottle tops or a similar high volume plastic waste. This could be something that is found or used on your site or within your facility. For example, plastic bottle tops, drinking straws or even plastic cutlery.

Think about the different areas of your facility and the items / objects that can be found there EG plastic cutlery or cups at a canteen.

Participants can be encouraged to bring in items from home. (but only if they have been finished with of course)

Results are recorded in the form of a simple competition, either by group or individual.



  • Pre-determined common plastic object is targeted for collection
  • Participants collect this item and bring them to class.
  • Number of items is tallied on a simple leaderboard



  • Target a specific number to collect
  • Chart collection progress by group or individually [leaderboard | bar chart | etc]
  • Target collection in specific situations EG collected on way to School / Work / etc
  • Could be expanded to include entire workplace / school / etc EG Plastic waste collected from playground during recess - each class represents a group
  • Collection could be ongoing with monthly or weekly leaders highlighted as well as overall leaders.
  • Collection could be incentivised with awards or badges



  • Collection of plastic waste (needed for the next stage of the project)
  • Calculate volume of plastic waste found in area
  • Raise awareness and engage others
  • Engage participants in plastics lifecycle